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Street Fighter 6 announces newcomer Kimberly and the return of Juri

The Evo trailer also shows off a new level

Capcom have announced a pair of characters who will be squaring up to battle in Street Fighter 6. A trailer premiered at Evo showed off the moves of returning brawler Juri and newcomer Kimberly.

Alongside the trailer, social media and community developer Andy Wong gave some more details in a blog post on Capcom's website. Kimberly, the "ninja star," combines her dedication to Bushinryu with an "infatuation for ’80s pop culture." Hence the cassette player.

As for Juri, she "remains a sadistic thrill-seeker who enjoys the suffering of others." Ace. Wong also points out her trailer fight took place in a new stage, Tian Hong Yuan. This is a downtown, festive area, although it's not clear yet whether you'll be able to explore it outside of battle in Street Fighter 6's more open world-y moments.

That open world is something Capcom had previously announced alongside a handful of returning characters, including Ryu and Chun-Li. Kimberly is the second new addition to the roster, behind the tea drinking, breakdancing Jamie. He reappears in this trailer, in case you were wondering who that was getting crushed by Juri.

There's also a new, "modern" control scheme option, which aims to open up the game by simplifying all its fiddly combo inputs. Ed tried it out a couple of months ago and reckons it's brilliant for newcomers. "Instead of thinking about how to pull off any move at all, for the first time ever I started thinking tactically. The modern control scheme's streamlined controls gave me the confidence to focus on my opponent's moves and respond in kind," he wrote.

Kimberly, Juri, and their many foes will be available to brawl with - modern controls or classic - when Street Fighter 6 releases next year.

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