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Street Fighter V's Launch Server Troubles Continue

The old wonkawonks

Street Fighter V [official site] is out, it is pretty dang fun, though barebones right now, (or so our Wot I Think sez), and it... has picked up a few tricks from your old pal Alice. Like me playing Street Fighter, when the announcer declared the battle was on, the game promptly fell over. Pugilists faced online disconnections and downtime last night, and problems persist today. Capcom are working on it, and say they're jolly sorry.

"My sincerest apologies again about SFV server situation," producer Yoshinori Ono said on Twitter. "I think that we need to improve on this problem the most."

He pointed folks towards SFV's server status Twitter account, which documented problems past and present. These three tweets are from last night-ish, in the hours following the launch:

And issues continue today, with this posted half an hour ago:

Cast your eyes over player reviews on Steam and you'll find plenty grumbling about poor controller support, no option to rebind keyboard controls, and the absence of many modes and features Capcom have, to be fair, been quite clear that they'd add later.

It's... it's difficult to say quite what Street Fighter V is. Somewhere between an early access release and that old chestnut 'games as a service'? Capcom plan to keep updating SFV with new features and characters for yonks to come, but I suppose the problem is that different people have different ideas of what's an acceptable initial release. It has everything needed for big tournaments - such as Capcom's own Pro Tour 2016 season starting real soon - but is slim for people who'll play online and especially those wanting to punch faces by themselves. Let's see how it picks up once a few more of the planned features are actually in.

I guess I'll throw in this launch trailer too, because it's here?

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