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Street Fighter V Supports Steam OS , Beta This Weekend

Planning to play?

Street Fighter V [official site] will run on Linux. There's a sentence I never expected to write. Through the Steam community pages for the game, Capcom have confirmed that the latest in their glorious series of biff 'em ups will support Steam OS.

"We are working closely with Valve on this endeavor, and will have more details to announce in the near future, so stay tuned for updates. Street Fighter V will also support the Steam controller, and you’ll be able to try that out right away during the upcoming beta test that takes place from December 18~20."

The beta is open to anyone with a preorder.

If you want actual information about Street Fighter V, Alice is the person to ask 'round these parts. Since we last covered the game, the final of the four new characters has been revealed: F.A.N.G. is Bison's second in command and he's the first Street Fighter character to inflict poison damage that saps health over time.

I'm not savvy enough to separate the Kens from the Cammys - I only ever played as Blanka because the cannonball and electro-shock were easy moves - so I'm not going to play the role of cornerman and impart fighting wisdom. Instead, here's a sad story about my first ever Street Fighter experience.

During a family holiday to the Isle of Man, I used to spend my time in an arcade on the seafront because I'd already visited the witchcraft museum and collected some pebbles, and there was nothing else to do. We were staying above a pub in Castletown, away from the bright lights of Douglas, which I assumed was the Vegas of the island.

I call it an arcade but it was more like a cafe with two arcade machines. One was Bubble Bobble, the other was Street Fighter II. I'd feed my few pennies into Bubble Bobble while older kids surrounded Street Fighter II, and I could make a pocketful of change last for an entire afternoon, even if I never quite managed to complete the game.

On the final day of the holiday, the Street Fighter machine was free. We walked into the cafe after a day wandering around town and buying now-forgotten souvenirs and I guess everyone else had gone home because the place was as quiet as the grave. My mum handed me a couple of coins and I decided I was grown up enough to tackle Street Fighter.

The coins, which would have taken me through a blissful afternoon of bubbles, lasted around 45 seconds. I was done. Ignoring my obvious distress, my sister told me it was my own fault for playing the "Big Boys' Game". When I watch videos of expert players on Street Fighter IV and V, I'm always reminded of that. Big Boys' Games. Too tricky for me to master. I loved my copy of Super Big Boy's Game Turbo though, mostly because of the music.

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