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Street Fighter X Tennis: Facepunch Reveal Deuce

A rallying (HA!) cry to silly-sports fans

The revelation that Facepunch Studios were not working exclusively on Rust, but daring to prototype new games like Riftlight too (spoiler: this happens literally everywhere), sent some people on the Internet into a bit of a tizzy. "They are probably going to be even angrier to find out that we have three other prototypes being worked on," head Facepuncher Garry Newman said.

Now they've revealed the first of these others, Deuce. It's a cross between Street Fighter and tennis, which lands it somewhere around one of the Mario sports games.

Deuce is the work of Facepunch's Ian James, who's going wild with fighting game tropes--unique special hits for characters, elemental effects, and stages with interactive elements. It's still only a prototype, but this video shows they've got the basics working. More characters, locations, special moves and so on are planned as work continues.

Facepunch are sharing the game's Trello development whiteboard publicly for us all to poke at, a look into the internals of game development that's full of interesting tidbits. Another video from earlier this month shows off some longer rallies and just how overpowered the tornado attack is. The Ideas tab ideas is especially great, exploring ways to develop the story, characters' backgrounds, and everything else. I recommend particularly the ramblings of good ol' Craig Pearson, formerly of writing-here fame. Here's another of his contributions, proposing changing Deuce's name to TENNISFACE:

Stunning stuff.

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