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Strike Vector Has Transforming Cowboy Space Planes

One of the bigger problems with modern society, I think, is that not enough things transform. I mean, yeah, nature does it - you know, butterflies and flowers and whatever - but there are hardly ever enough guns involved. And then there's the Transformers franchise, which actually needs to take it a step further by transforming into nothing. So, in recent games, that leaves us with what, Strike Suit Zero? And I guess Dark Souls, if you count becoming, er, a vase. Strike Vector, however, is much more the former than the latter (sorry, transforming cowboy space vase fans), and it's pushing Unreal Engine 3's bionic piston hamsters to their oil-sweating limits. Also, the entire thing's being hammered together by just four people. Marvel at their high-speed handiwork after the break.

That's all apparently in-game, too, which is quite the achievement. The vibe, meanwhile, strikes me as kind of Hawken-y, but with more of a Western twang. In short, oh my yes.

But how does it actually work? Well, at its core, it's all about multiplayer aerial combat, but influences range from Crimson Skies (hooray!) to Unreal Tournament (hmmm). Here's the gist:

"Strike Vector's unique gameplay allows you to switch between two movement modes: 1) Quick reaction Jet Mode ability which allows you to quickly reach your foes, engage the fight and fast evade if it’s nescessary. 2) Hover Mode offers an experience closer to a classic FPS gameplay with increased precision, ironsight and strafe based evasion moves."

In spite of the shiny (yet tastefully rusted) coat of paint, the developers also promise a "distinct old-school feel." I'm not sure exactly what that means, but I'm guessing it's better than a vaguely old-school feel or a feel that could be old-school if you squinted really hard and the lighting was a bit off.

For now, Strike Vector has no release date, but it looks to be coming along very nicely. It's multiplayer-only until further notice, but asking any more of a four-person team probably counts as some form of imprisonment. And that, incidentally, is one of the few forms I don't often like to see things take.

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