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Steam Free Weekend-o-rama: Jets vs. Vampires vs. Soldiers

Strike Vector, Insurgency, and Nosgoth on trial

A trio of free weekend trials on Steam mean that all and sundry can enjoy what are, as I understand, three figures and ideals important to PC gaming: soldiers, vampires, and jetplanes. They all, naturally, do fighting. Not each other, mind--others of their kind. None of these games will let you e.g. pilot a fighter jet battling winged vampires. More's the pity, really.

Multiplayer futureplane game Strike Vector and realish FPS Insurgency have respectable sales to accompany their free weekend trials, and technically human vs. vamp arenakiller Nosgoth does too but that'll be free-to-play at launch so it's less special.

Clicking this link will start downloading Insurgency while this one over here will get Strike Vector underway. Both of those trials will run until 9pm on Sunday. If you take a shine to either, Insurgency is down to £5.49 and Strike Vector is £3.59 until Monday.

[Oh hey! And reader PoulWrist points out Battlefield 4 is free for a week too.]

As for Nosgoth, its trial runs until 8am on Monday. Click this one to install it. The packages of free-to-play gubbins that also grant lasting beta access are on sale too, with the cheapest at £1.49.

Our Jim quite enjoyed Strike Vector, and it certainly is pretty, so that's probably worth a look. I've heard good things about Insurgency from people who like their shooting tactical and their deaths swift. And Nosgoth, I have no idea. Would you recommend your fellow readers give it a go, gang?

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