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Styx: Master Of Shadows Launches Trailer From Darkness

Go on, be good, for your old uncle Ben

I - and based on the number of posts about it, the rest of RPS as well - have been quietly hopeful that Styx: Master of Shadows will be a surprise gem in this, the Month Of Games. I worry we've used up our stealth bastard luck on the excellent Shadow of Mordor, but maybe there's some magic left. The goblin main character is delightfully non-standard in his short stature and murderous ways while the rest of the world seems a grimy parody of middle ages Britain. Graham's working away on a review in the run up to the release, but here's a launch trailer that expands on some of the plot.

Jammin' beats bode well.

The other recent trailer shows off yet more ways to bypass, fool and kill the various guards of the tower you'll be infiltrating. From what I've seen there's an extraordinary number of things to do in Styx, and all of them end with some poor sod's grisly demise. He's got a clone to summon, there's a whole system for hiding in chests and ambushing passers by, bodies can be hidden or disintegrated. The freerunning looks great and the levels are promised to be open, with multiple routes to goals and differing ways to complete them. It just needs to coalesce into something that's fun to play.

Styx hits Steam on October 7th, with a release discount of a fiver to £19.99. Fingers, toes and knives crossed that it lives up to its potential, but definitely one to wait for the review on.

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