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Succulents: A Tiny Game About Underground Gardens


You know how we feel about succulents here at RPS. If you don't the TL;DR version is "fond" and so OBVIOUSLY we played Succulents [Itch.io link], a free game about tending to plants in an abandoned underground conservatory.

It's a tiny thing but delightful. I've been using "delightful" a lot recently but that's more because there has been a lot which has delighted me than the fact I can't find my thesaurus. My delightful thesaurus.

So you start off in this dank room with only a bucket for company. I mean dank like in the non-Twitch meaning of the word. But you fill the bucket with water from a little pool and dribble it over the floor and BAM! Plants!

The more you water them the more they grow until they're sparkling and shimmering in the shafts of light which fall from above.

The thing is, succulents are set up to thrive in areas of limited water and here you give them copious amounts of water as you drip your bucket all over the place. I guess proportionally it's not *that* much water, though and with the accelerated growth timescale you could probably get away with saying this is maybe only tiny amounts of water in the great scheme of things.

I've put too much thought into this. Succulents is a lovely, simple game with pretty plants. Andrew Gleeson, Maike Vierkant, Jukio Kallio, and Niilo Takalainen made it during the 48-hour Nordic Game Jam. Pay what you want on Itch.io.

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