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AMD Announce Sulon Q "All-In-One" AR/VR Headset

Releasing in spring

AMD are making a virtual reality headset of their own. The Sulon Q [official site] is an "all-in-one" headset designed for virtual reality and augmented reality, and is "tether-free" as it doesn't need to be plugged in to a PC in order to use. There's a video introducing it below.

What a lot of lens flare.

A statement offers more details. In it, it's said that the headset uses an AMD FX-8800P processor and Radeon R7 graphics with "AMD's Graphics Core Next architecture."

"The full performance of 4 compute cores and 8 GPU cores are unlocked through a revolutionary Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA), enabling the cores to share memory to work together for dramatic performance and efficiency," writes Sulon CEO Dhan Balachand. "The result is a solution that is optimized for modern workloads and media formats, capable of driving the latest graphics APIs including DirectX 12 and Vulkan, and able to render stunning video game console-quality visuals on a beautiful 2560x1440 OLED display."

No price for the device is given, but it's due for release "late spring" which means we'll surely find out more during this week's GDC 2016.

I'm not sure the world needs more VR headsets to be announced at this stage, but other than the Hololens there's not much out there doing mainstream augmented reality. I do like the idea of it being unwired too, though that makes me skeptical of what its graphics power will be without being hooked up to a desktop PC. I'm full of contradictions, me.

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