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Super Auto Pets launches new expansion with new animals

My favourite auto-battler grows bigger and better

The fantastic Super Auto Pets (my favourite auto-battler) today launched a new expansion with 57 new animals and a full new menu of food. The pack's an interesting addition, playing quite different to both the base game and the first expansion. While the expansion costs $10, free-to-players can try some of its cuties with the new 'Weekly' pack mode, which offers a new selection of animals and foods from across all packs for free each week.

Expansion #2 is out now, priced at $10 (£8.11). It took me a fair while to get used to this pack when it was on the test server. Compared to the base pack and first expansion, expansion #2 has more options for—and more reliance upon—interesting temporary effects and canny manipulation.

It's heavy on stat boosts which only last a turn, abilities based around moving enemies, abilities which benefit from or help shopping, abilities which are buffed by other pets having a certain type of ability trigger, food with tradeoffs, food with slow gains, abilities which manipulate food, and even one food (the strawberry) which exists purely to activate and target some animals' abilities. Definitely an expansion for people who enjoying buildcrafting. I'm glad it offers a markedly new experience rather than small twists on the same.

Not a good run—never mind the misplays—but I wanted to show you some strawberry violence.

Today's update has brought plenty of newness for all players too. The new 'Weekly' pack option contains a selection of pets and foods from all packs, and refreshes every Monday. This mode is free for everyone, so you can check out some of the new pets and foods for yourself here. I look forward to a unique new meta developing each week then being washed away with the refresh. Should be some nice long-term novelty there.

All players also get the new Custom Packs feature, which lets you create your dream lineup of food and items. You only match against other players using their own custom pack, mind. I wonder how this will shake out. I'm imagining it'll be the sweatiest buildcrafting? Which might be interesting to see. This mode also has a few exclusive new pets of its own.

Also the patch added more words to the name bucket, so you're less railroaded into sexual euphemisms. Patch notes are not yet up on Steam, so do check that in-game pop-up for some balance changes to old pets.

Super Auto Pets is free-to-play on Steam. The update and expansion is now live on Steam and Android, I've seen, and should be on iOS too. The developers, Team Wood Games say their next big plan is to translate the game into more languages.

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