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Super Meat Boy Forever auto-runs to Epic's Store in April

Steam release one year later

After inventing indie games in the year of our Molyneux 2010 with Super Meat Boy, Meat Boy and Bandage Girl will return with Super Meat Boy Forever in April 2019. That's the news from Team Meat over the weekend, who also confirmed that the auto-running platformer sequel is yet another game that will debut exclusively on the Epic Games Store, the new digital shop from the folks behind Fortnite. A Steam release is planned too, but it'll come one year later - same as some other Epic scloosies.

Yup, that there Epic Games Store is where the game will initially launch in April 2019. Super Meat Boy Forever had a Steam page long before Epic even announced their store, but that'll sit for a fair while, as Team Meat say the Steam release will follow in April 2020. The Rebel Galaxy Outlaw crew have also said their game will hit Steam twelve months after Epic.

One of the Epic Game Store's big perks for developers compared to Steam is that it offers them an 88% cut of sales, more than Steam's starting point of 70%. Epic trying to compete with Steam might be better for us too, lighting a fire under Valve's arse.

The Rebel Galaxy gang have framed Epic exclusives as leverage to get Valve to give all developers a big cut, calling themselves "one of the canaries in the mineshaft". Being one of the very few games on the same store client as the astonishingly popular Fortnite Battle Royale is a big perk for developers, but enough to offset lost Steam sales and overcome people's reluctance to install more store clients?

The Team Meat name is carried today by Tommy Refenes and his crew. Edmund McMillen, who was the other big man in Team Meat, has since gone off to do his own things with other people: The Binding Of Isaac, Isaac's Rebirth remake and many expansions, The End Is Night, and a Isaac physical card game, not to mention The Legend Of Bum-bo and maybe even Mew-genics coming up.

Behold, a new trailer shown during the Kinda Funny Games Showcase yesterday:

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