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Super Mega Baseball 2 shows off more-realistic art style

Home run?

Pretty much everyone I mention my love of baseball to in the UK says "but it's just rounders with bigger bats!", which is a bit like saying football is just a giant game of balloon keepie uppie.

We're not exactly overrun with good baseball games on PC, but Super Mega Baseball is about the best. It's a cartoon representation of America's pastime with a surprisingly complex physics system, satisfying mechanics, and addictive gameplay that keeps me coming back for one more swing.

So I'm super mega excited for the sequel, Super Mega Baseball 2 [official site], which has just got a new video detailing a more-realistic art style as well as a release window of September.

The pre-beta build footage looks cracking. The stadiums are bigger and more colourful, the animations are sharper, and the chins are smaller. But don't worry: this is still the goofy series we know and love, with over-the top presentation and sparks flying from your bat. I'm hopeful that the final release will knock it out of the park.

Here's the video in full, with Scott from developer Metalhead Software talking through the changes:

If you fancy stepping up to the plate in the original, it's £14.99 on Steam.

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Super Mega Baseball 2

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