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Superhero card battler Marvel Snap enters early access on PC today

No word yet on Marvel Happy Families or DC Cribbage

Marvel Snap is a new collectible card game that launches into early access on October 18th, 2022.
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Collectible card game Marvel Snap has been released into early access on Steam as a free to play download. Hailing from some of the devs behind Blizzard’s successful digital CCG Hearthstone, Marvel Snap takes the House Of Ideas’ superheroic formula and runs with the current multiversal obsession of the MCU. The game also mixes in the art and variants you’d expect from Marvel’s comic book output.

CCG Marvel Snap enters early access today on PC and mobile.

Developers Second Dinner first announced Marvel Snap back in May, and it looked quite interesting. Second Dinner’s Ben Brode and Hamilton Chu are former senior developers on Hearthstone, so I wasn’t entirely surprised by that. For one thing, it’s a quick game to play. Matches are only set up to last for about three minutes. You’ll get to play in different locations from around the Marvel Universe, such as Thor’s home of Asgard and Black Panther’s kingdom of Wakanda, with new ones added weekly.

You’re on the hunt for Cosmic Cubes – Tessaracts to MCU fans – in Marvel Snap. The Snap moniker comes from a move you can make in matches that raises the stakes, potentially earning you double the number of Cubes from a win. I’m a longtime comics fan and former Marvel zombie, so the main appeal here to me is the art, but the game itself seems like a fun background to its pretty dang snazzy looking cards.

Marvel Snap is out in early access today. You can grab the game from Steam, and it’s free to play. Snap is also out now for Android and iOS.

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