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I don't need reassurance, but I do appreciate that Superhot [official site] recognises how cool my murders are. "SUPER HOT SUPER HOT SUPER HOT" declares the narrator after I dodge bullets, blast my own, hurl empty guns at enemies' faces, take down a dozen attackers, then walk away without a scratch and yeah, thanks, I know.

The full commercial release of the super cool time-slowing FPS is almost here. Prick your finger, draw a bloody circle on your calendar around February 25th, then pop your owie in your mouth and suck while watching this new trailer:

That "time moves only when you move" tagline isn't true, mind. As Pip and I got into, time does crawl on at a slow pace. Superhot's an FPS which prizes positioning, awareness, and planning over aiming, see. You'll always have time to line up that headshot--and one hit kills, anyway--but can you see how to dodge the three bullets currently flying towards you while reaching a new weapon before yours runs dry?

The commercial Superhot builds on the original free game jam game with melee attacks, more weapons, a full campaign, and a hefty slap of prettiness. Heck, probably what most excites me is being able to throw things other than guns, making for even cooler chains of cool murders.

Do check out what Graham made of the beta build he played last year. You can still play the prototype from 2013 if you have a Unity-friendly browser (not Chrome).

Superhot is coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux. If I side-step left and right all day, will February 25th get here sooner?

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