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Until Dawn devs bringing Dark Pictures Anthology to PC

Ooh! It's good to see Supermassive bring spookshows to PC

After a stretch of making PlayStation-exclusive games, Supermassive Games will bring their next horror story to PC. Today they announced The Dark Pictures, an anthology of standalone branching cinematic horror games which will start next year with a trip to a spooky ghost ship in Man Of Medan. I played their 2015 game Until Dawn with the flatmate on PS4, going in expecting David Cage-style awfulness but being pleasantly surprised by fun teen horror bouncing between multiple perspectives. Yeah, go on, tell me more about this g-g-g-ghost s-s-s-ship!

The Man of Medan will see some silly young Americans off diving and partying in the South Pacific, looking for a crashed WW2 plane then ending up on trapped a g-g-g-ghost ship. It sounds like it'll be another branching game with decisions (and dexterity) able to force us down different paths - and maybe killing some of our pals. Publishers Bandai Namco explained in today's announcement:

"Players can take the role of each of the five protagonists, the four Americans and the captain of the boat, each with a different perspective. Explore and discover the mysteries of their terrifying situation, and be forced to make decisions that will change their lives forever.

"Each game is designed to be replayable, with branching storylines, paths, and numerous endings designed to keep players coming back for more. Players decisions are vital for survival of all the characters. With any combination of choices made can result in any of them surviving, dying or worse..."

Yeah, go on. And I'm certainly up for an anthology. Dear video games: fewer sequels, more anthologies, thanks.

The Dark Pictures Anthology - Man Of Medan is due some time in 2019 (and on Xbone and PS4 too). Future games in the anthology will tell new stories in new places with new characters. Fingers crossed for video game bloggers in a spooky-ooky treehouse. See its website for more, and here's a peek at Man Of Medan:

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