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Hello! The RPS Supporter Program is here. It’s a premium version of the site for those who love it best and want to support it (while enjoying a selection of lovely gifts)!

Becoming an RPS Supporter means getting access to a whole new daily stream of writing from your favourite RPS scribes – an extra article each weekday that we’re at work appearing right in your main feed when you’re logged in. It also helps us work on exciting all-new reader-funded projects.

The Supporter Program is additional to the existing site, so the current crop of news, reviews and features remains unchanged. The Supporter program simply gives you more.

But that’s not all! Becoming a Supporter means you’ll get free gifts, including this GLORIOUS Horace hat for Team Fortress 2:

Horace approves of this message

What you get:

  • Access to extra articles, features and snippets throughout the week – so far we’ve covered topics from Adam’s journey through genres, and Graham’s fascinating look at how level generation happens in Brogue to Pip’s attempt at unicorn ownership. We share a proportion of the supporter posts with the general readership after a certain amount of time passes but supporters will always get first access and some posts will always be exclusive to RPS Supporters.
  • Awesome content for the site in the form of those reader-funded projects – it helps us pay for cool video series, one-off freelance ideas and other brilliant stuff!
  • A Horace hat for Team Fortress 2!
  • A Steam key for the original Magicka!
  • AN ENTIRE GOD in the form of Smite’s Kukulkan! (You get Kukulkan plus his alternate colour skin, Typhoon)
  • IMPORTANT: gifts are supplied on a first-come, first-served basis, and are not guaranteed due to limited numbers. However, any new gifts – which are set to appear regularly throughout the year – will be added automatically to any active account. Hooray!
  • Okay, that sounds AMAZING. Gimme!

    If you want to become an RPS Supporter, just pick one of the two options below, and you’ll receive emails with all the instructions you need. When you’re logged in, you’ll see the exclusive Supporter only sections of RPS, and feel all lovely in your tummy.

    You can get a 6-month voucher here:

    Or a 12-month discounted voucher here:

    What next?

    Once you have the RPS key, you can redeem it at the bottom of your RPS profile page, at the bit that looks like this:

    Logged-in supporters can check out your Supporter content over at the Supporter tag.

    Thank you! Lots of love, RPS xxx