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Deathball Lives: Supraball Is A First-Person Sports Game

Souped-up Deathball = Supraball

With all this talk of Unreal Tournament 2014, it may be that you're recalling fond memories of the myriad mods available for previous UT games. One of those was Deathball, a sports game in which you fired a ball not bullets and attempted to pass and shoot and score your way to team-based victory.

Well, Deathball begat Supreball, a standalone game made by the same team. It has an alpha which is freely downloadable, it's looking for votes on Steam Greenlight, and there's a trailer below.

I like that they pitch the game in this trailer not at former Deathball players, but at people frustrated by the ambiguous controls of games like FIFA. It's like... it's like they're talking directly to me.

There's a second trailer, which is straight in-game footage:

There's lots of little details I like here, such as the slight targeting mechanic which makes passing easier and the "Catch" notifier that make receiving passes easier. I remember playing an early version of Deathball way back when (and the UT2k4 ball-based mode, Bombing Run), and there would be a lot of woolly time spent chasing after spilled balls. This looks a lot slicker.

You can download version 0.2.5 of Supraball now over at the official site.

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