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Suzerain devs announce a follow-up narrative RPG

Into the thick of it

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The developers behind text-based political sim Suzerain have announced their follow-up, a narrative RPG called The Conformist. It's set in the same universe and fictional country as Suzerain, although it takes place before the events of that game. Instead of leading the country of Sordland, this time players will guide the government propagandist Orwin through the city of Holsord, as you make tough decisions, befriend NPCs, and keep your family safe.

The Conformist is set in the middle of political turbulence. Sordland’s civil war is over, but unrest still dominates the country, as the resistance and the newly formed military government duke it out. There’s no footage to gawk at yet, but developer Torpor Games hint at the tough political decisions we’ll need to make, saying that “the players will either side with the government or the resistance against them to influence the upcoming election while trying to protect their family and themselves in the dangerous streets of Holsord.” Of course, this time we have a family, making every decision approximately 100% harder. Overall, The Conformist sounds like a more grounded, street-level view of political struggles, in contrast to the international legislative type of decisions from the first game. Alongside the announcement, fans can hear a snippet of the OST with a track named after our protag Orwin.

Sin loved guiding an entire country in Suzerain, saying it was “personal in a way that few political games are.” Sin also praised the universe’s “detailed histories and politics,” which bodes well for a game set in the same universe. Suzerain is available on Steam for £11.39/€12.49/$12.49, or you can pick it up on mobile if you fancy some bedtime reading. If you’ve already experienced Suzerain’s political drama and want more, check out our picks for the ten best visual novel games on PC.

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