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SWTOR Trailer Is A Splendid Six Minute Star Wars Short

Force Gosh

It may have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the average MMO, but this new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic [official site] expansion - Knights of the Eternal Throne - is well worth a watch. It's essentially a six minute mini-movie, beautiful CGI telling the story of a young girl's discovery of the Force. And perhaps not in a way that you might expect.

So yes, if you're excited about the forthcoming expansion, this should whet your appetite. If you're aware that SWTOR the game has as much in common with its CGI trailers as it does a green balloon, then it's still absolutely worth seeing. A really lovely piece of storytelling with minimal dialogue, and maximal laserswords.

The expansion, free to subscribers, will be out on 2nd December.

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