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Spookier Spooking: Sylvio Remastered Released

The spooky gets spookier

Sylvio [official site], the game our Adam has declared his favourite horror game of 2015, is now fancier thanks to its 'Remastered' version. It launched as a free update on Monday, and Sylvio's on sale to celebrate this. There's never been a better time to explore an abandoned park where something terrible happened, recording messages from beyond the grave on your ghost-busting microphone and uncovering them by manipulating tape reels. Annnd yep, thinking about ghost tapes just made me install it.

Here's Wot Adam Thought of Sylvio's original release:

"I almost walked away during the opening moments, when Sylvio seems like yet another cobbled together mess of repetitive graphical assets. I figured I'd play until the first jump scare and then quit. Instead, I found a game that uses its limited resources to find clever ways to scare the life out of me. It’s a quiet horror game – an anti-screamer, right down to the calm almost-whispers of the protagonist – and it's a triumph."

Now it's fancier. Sylvio Remastered is rebuilt in Unity 5, a newer version of the engine, and now boasts improved graphics, full controller support, a new UI, and some gameplay tweaks.

After this, and a short break, creator Niklas Swanberg says he'll get back to Sylvio 2. Last year's Kickstarter for it fell through, but he's continuing to make it with a little Patreon support on the side.

If you fancy a crack at Sylvio, a 50% discount brings it down to £4.99/6,49€/$6.49 on Steam until Monday. The DRM-free version on the Humble Store is still its usual price.

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