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Retro TO THE MAX: Creepy Castle

I'll never tell.

Some nostalgia is subtle, a quiet reminder of long-forgotten joys, just a little nudge in the direction of the late 90s to make you all tingly inside. Creepy Castle is more like a 4-bit sledgehammer to the back of the head. The side-scrolling RPG is old-fashioned in all the right ways, a retro mix of sprites and save points and item-gathering, but with some modern design decisions sprinkled on top to remove the most frustrating elements. It’s about exploration and finding secrets, grabbing keys from chests scattered across a level to open doors, and having no indication of a correct path. An AD&D adventure filled with cute animals and ran by someone who understands the concept of fun. Developers Dopterra have taken it to Kickstarter looking for $6,000 (~£3,700) to finish it off.

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