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10 Awful Things I Saw In The First Hour Of 007 Legends

And number 11 is...

Skyfall has becom the biggest-grossing, most heavily product-placed and most three-completely-different-films-mashed-together Bond movie of all time. Clearly then, the recently-released tie-in game must be a thoughtful, high-budget affair with a long development cycle and the upmost understanding of what makes Bond Bond. Clearly. 007 Legends essentially retells older Bold adventures but as starring Daniel ‘Mini-Hulk’ Craig and a raft of more modern technology. I knew in my bones that this would be a faithful and careful recreation of the cavalier Secret Agent fantasy, and definitely not a mucky, ugly, by the numbers first-person shooter whose PC version was less console port and more console diarrhea that had accidentally dribbled onto PC.

I put on my best (only) bowtie and went in. Here’s what I discovered in my first and only foray into 007 Legends. Would it leave me shaken or stirred lol zing etc?
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Goldfinger Also On Craig’s List: 007 Legends

The screenshot continues the proud tradition of crap villain introductions. The headline refers to the list of Bond films and their villains that are being recreated in shake and stir ’em up 007 Legends, a list maintained by a pretend version of Daniel Craig, voice by the actual Daniel Craig who sounds like he’s doing a rushed and rubbish impression of himself. Clear enough? Legends will construct a bridge of continuity between On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Goldfinger, Licence to Kill, Die Another Day and Moonraker. The last mission apparently covers some Skyfall happenings, so there’ll be at least one surprise. Here’s a video of the Goldfinger scenes, which are extremely unsurprising.

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Jaws-Dropping: 007 Legends Gets Licence To Kiel

Jaws, bending the bar while lowering it.

This is a screenshot that Activision thinks will convince you to purchase 007: Legends later this year – despite the website trying its best to not tell anyone that there’s even going to be a PC version. This is a thing they believe will happen in the reality in which you live. That is all.

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