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10 Second Ninja X Demo Now Flipping Out

The name of 10 Second Ninja X [official site] gives the game away: you have ten seconds to demonstrate ninja prowess. And, uh, maybe the X is crossbones ☠ because the bad guy is a pirate? It’s a zippy time trial murderplatformer split into levels with ten-second time limits – ten seconds to flip around, flip out, and kill people. It’s launching next week but a demo is already out and has a little bonus: the more people complete levels, the larger the game’s launch discount will be.

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10 Second Ninja X Aims Shuriken At July Release

The original 10 Second Ninja is a strange beast in that it will kill you time and time and time again, yet can be completed in one single sitting. Well, assuming you’re not fussed about hitting its elusive three-star reward on each level. If you are, then you’d better put the kettle on.

Its follow-up, 10 Second Ninja X [official site], was revealed earlier this year and looks to offer more of the same. Today publisher Curve Digital set July 19th as its launch day and marked the occasion with a new trailer:

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10 Second Ninja X Brings More Levels, Fewer Swastikas

It’s just not historically accurate to have a ninja fight robot Hitler. Japan and Germany were allies during World War II, everybody knows that. So I’m glad that silliness is over with. I’m really precise about historical accuracy in my games. I’m talking about 10 Second Ninja, of course. Robot Hitler was also the reason why many levels were covered in swastikas, and the game had to be censored for German release.

But the sequel seems to fix this major issue: the antagonist in 10 Second Ninja X [official website] is a pirate. We can settle the arduous question that has occupied historians for centuries. (Silly historians – it’s obvious ninjas are cooler than pirates.)

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