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12 Is Better Than 6 Hits Kickstarter Goal (Updated)

Update: So, it did hit its Kickstarter goal with days to spare, and now a bunch of people have pulled their funding and so it's back under its target again. Huh! That's odd. Original story: 12 Is Better Than 6 [official site] is a beautifully hand-drawn, gun-toting, poncho-sporting undertaking into what seems like the perpetually acrimonious world of the wicky-wicky-Wild West. Although grossly different visually,…

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Cock And Bullet Story: 12 Is Better Than 6

"Did you gonna piss?" My character, a Mexican outlaw, asks the question of a dead man in a privy. I stabbed him before he could whip his shooter out. Felled him before he could cock his revolver. The demo for 12 Is Better Than 6 contains a tutorial, some shooty bits and some stealthy bits. The shooty bits are great and the stealth bits are…

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