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Get A Room: Going Down With Love Hotel

shaking shack
One thing I learned whilst living in Japan was that there is no love without love hotels. Japanese houses are small, thin as plywood, and property prices are so huge that you often won’t leave home until you’re married with a well-paying job. So… In a society where it’s not even socially acceptable to kiss in public, where can you do all your clam dippin’, begattin’ and sock adjustin’? You certainly don’t want to do it in your parents’ house with them right next to the sliding doors. Well, the answer is… you gotta make a trip to a love hotel. 3 Silly Hats have made kink-friendly SimTower-esque simulation game Love Hotel, where you’re a love hotel manager and you have to provide a place for every kind of couple to rut like gymnastic fuckbunnies. And it’s actually flippin’ amazing. I played it all day. Solo. Read the rest of this entry »