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Bleep Blop: Pac-Man 256 Now Endlessly Gobbling On PC

The glitched-out endless gobbling of Pac-Man 256 [official site] has arrived on PC, following a stretch of munching up fruits on pocket telephones. While it's free-to-play on pockphones, here it's £4 but does come with new four-player local co-op support. Why not eat some fruit with a friend? Pac-Man 256 isn't your grandpa's Patrick Mann, making him dash through a glitchifying maze inspired by Pac-Man's…

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Pac-Man 256 Coming To PC With Local Co-op

After making Frogger's car-dodging into one of the biggest games going with Crossy Road, developers Hipster Whale turned to jazzing up another vintage arcade game, Pac-Man. This time, it was official. Pac-Man 256 [official site] is an endlessly scrolling version of ye olde dotmunching, with Patrick Mann (that is his real name) chased by glitches from Pac-Man's Map 256 kill screen (hence the name, yeah?).…

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Make A (Re)Quest: Fight The Dragon Launched

Be honest now: if you were given a choice between fighting a dragon versus not fighting a dragon, what would you choose? I would choose not to fight the dragon. I would choose to befriend the dragon. And then the dragon and I would fly about, incinerating the unpleasant and laughing about it. What a jolly time we would have, the dragon and I. Melbourne-based developers 3…

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