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Long Distance Caw: The Crow’s Eye Demo

Should have called that electrician

The title of this game made me think of 1) Captain Birdseye and 2) a ‘Crow’s Nest’, you know, that pirate lookout post thing on tall ships. So now what I am thinking of is a game where you play Captain Birdseye on a mission to go and get some tasty fish fingers and you are travelling the high seas in the Crow’s Nest to locate some fish fingers that some nasty fish finger bandits have dumped in the sea. In this scenario the fish fingers float, so you can scoop them up with a net and then put it in your treasure chest so your mum can heat them up later.

It turns out that The Crow’s Eye is actually a suspense-laden first-person ‘terror’ adventure with hints of crafting. So. I guess there’ll be no fish fingers?

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