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Statue Of Killity: Habitat’s Momument-Sized Superweapons

I’m extremely unhappy that Nathan posted about Habitat when it was announced back in February, because as our resident American he was not able to make a joke about a defunct British chain of expensive homeware stores. But it’s OK, here I am now, brimful of vacuous references to pine chairs and overcomplicated colanders. Everything’s going to be OK.

Yeah, I’m out. Actually, Nathan was quite right to identify that what’s exciting about Habitat is that it looks like Sim City meets Gravity. Going on the wonderful concept art above, that’s not the half of it.
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NONONOAIIIIIEEEE – Habitat Is Gravity: The Strategy Game

Well, I mean, firing the Statue of Liberty into the darkest reaches of space did seem like a good idea at the time

The second I finished watching Gravity and firing the contents of my stomach out of my mouth’s airlock, I knew someone would turn that experience into a game. The movie, I mean. Not the projectile vomiting. I did not, however, think base-building strategy would be the first to make me think, “Hey, that reminds me of the part where it felt like my heart took a jackhammer to the inside of my chest!”

But here we are. Habitat is a space city builder about hurriedly constructing a near-orbit home from floating garbage. It melds Gravity’s “Gee, I sure could fall into the atmosphere at any given moment” tension with physics-based disasters and… oh jeez, I’ll just let this description do the talking: “It’s kind of like SimCity, if the cities were in space and you could crash them into one another and blow them up!”

Alright, you have my attention.

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