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OK/NORMAL is a PlayStation-era vaporwave nightmare


Have you ever dreamt about games? Fragmented memories, mashed together into a semi-coherent whole that evaporates moments after waking? OK/NORMAL feels like someone’s fevered dream of early PlayStation-era 3D gaming, condensed, bottled and ready to drink deep from. The first game from prolific YouTube demake artist 98Demake, it’s a short and sweet little interactive nightmare that channels fuzzy memories of blurry CRT screens, early polygon graphics, warped textures and early CD audio, spiced with a dash of vaporwave weirdness.

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Horror game Bvoid draws out the PlayStation’s demons


While some would dismiss the concept of the ‘walking simulator’ as a modern development and a sign of the medium losing its edge, the roots of the genre go almost as far back as 3D environments themselves. One of the most memorable of the old trailblazers was LSD: Dream Emulator for the original PlayStation. Years before its time, it used procedural generation to construct strange, unique and occasionally unsettling little worlds to explore.

The currently-crowdfunding horror exploration game Bvoid is more than a little heavily inspired by LSD (no snickering over there in the back), and is the latest project from Toni Kortelahti, better known for his work under the 98Demake banner; deconstructions of modern games, reimagining them as they would have been in the early 32-bit console era.

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