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Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble In Trouble


Well, this isn’t a micro-controversy I was expecting to wake up to. A previous-RPS fave and Gametunnel’s 2008 Innovation award winner has been pulled from Big Fish Games’ portal after climbing its charts due to – gasp! – salacious content. Cue casual fans getting distinctly less casual. The fairly-hefty eight-page comments thread has the full story, but the (minorly spoilery) details can be found beneath the cut…
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Dangerous High School Girls In Award Ceremonies

The best writing of the year was clearly the Cassandra Project. The same as every year, because it was that good, and not just derivative of everything I'd been reading at the time.

This is the biggest award-ceremony welcome surprise since Belle and Sebastian won that Brit award: The WGA’s nomination for RPS favourite Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble. Frankly, it deserves an award for the title alone. We decided it was an opportune moment to talk to Mousechief‘s Keith Nemitz about their sudden brush with mass fame…
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Dangerous High School Girls In Demos

News reaches us that a new and improved demo of previously discussed RPS-indie fave Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble has been released. The mechanisms are slightly tweaked since the last edition, which improves the subgames somewhat, but it’s still fun – a faux boardgame with a satirical period wrapper – kind of a Cluedo meets (1920s) Clueless. It also remains one of the best current PC games to show out of context bits from. For example, the objectives screen at one point:

1920s was the birth of modern slutdom. TRUE FACT.

And a couple more beneath the cut.
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Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble

Sometimes a developer does the right thing, and gives their game a good – nay, splendid – name so I don’t have think up a rubbish pun title. This is about as One Of Those Times as it gets.


I’d been half-following the game since I heard the name, but Leigh Alexander’s review informed me that they’ve actually released a demo for the School-set Jazz-Age-RPG that’s so arch that architects are considering putting a big platform across the top of it and using it as a bridge. While it isn’t out until early next year, and I suspect I’ll be writing more then, you at least need to play the demo from here. And if you need convincing, have a nose beneath the cut. Read the rest of this entry »