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Krautscape Races Out Of Early Access

After nearly two years, having stayed a touch longer than first planned, Krautscape [official site] has now driven off from Early Access and has reached its full release destination. Haven’t heard of it? Well, Krautscape is a racing game that operates flying cars and asks players to actively build courses as they go. To mark its release, it’s also launched a fairly substantial update.

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Prog Racing: Krautscape Glides Onto Early Access

Well, I saw skies are red, I was born and I was dead

In what would come to be called the Krautrock movement, bands like Can and Faust blended psychedelic and progressive rock with experimental electronics and a kick of jazz, riding rock off its rigid rails to create their own trippy paths. Yet that’s not why Krautscape is called Krautscape. No, while it may be playing at the same with racing, it’s ostensibly named after a fictional character with a hilarious name who dreamed of flying cars, Dr. von Krautkopf.

See, Krautscape has freeform tracks created by the whims and fancies of the leading racer, while chasing players can pop their wings to glide off-track and chase them down. The game’s not quite ready to soar yet, but you can still lay down some smooth tracks as it’s now hit Steam Early Access. Read the rest of this entry »

In Which You Build The Track As You Race: Krautscape

The wild birdcar attempts to migrate alongside a flock of non-car birds. Forever an outsider to both birds and cars, it is shunned. Such is the high price of its incredible racing prowess.

Trawling through Steam Greenlight might often lead to the feeling that you’re trapped in a labyrinth minefield of well-meaning but not necessarily, er, high-quality offerings, but every once in a while it yields a gem of absolutely gleaming promise. Such is the case with beautiful-looking, bonkers-sounding all-terrain (including sky) racer Krautscape. It sees you rocketing around in tightly coiled airplane cars, down a track that grows on the fly at the whim of whomever’s in first place. Given that only a thin sliver of red earth separates you from the sky’s unbreakable gravity lasso, odds are someone’s going to fall. And then? Why, your car unfurls its wings, of course! More cars need wings, I think. Let’s be honest here: that would easily solve most of humanity’s most pressing problems.

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