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Wot I Think: Runers

Runers is a top-down, roguelikelikelikelike/shmup hybrid which plays a little like The Binding Of Isaac, but without the nightmare foetuses and with DIY spells instead. It’s out now, and I’ve spent a little time fiddling with its fireballs. Here’s what I made of it.
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You May Enter The Realm Of The Mad God Via Steam

Loot, glorious loot!

Somewhere along the line, cooperative MMO bullet hell shooter Realm of the Mad God became a real thing. I was looking the other way when it happened, perhaps getting a haircut that required my head to be pointing in exactly the opposite direction, otherwise I’d have noticed and not had to rewrite this opening paragraph where I’d previously claimed it was being released now. So, yeah: Wild Shadow‘s magnificently silly bullet-hell based MMO is now out on Steam, rather than just being released for the first time. Alec has written so many words on the game that I’ll refer anyone looking for actual details to those. Or if you prefer video, I have that below via another cynical Brit. It’s good, it’s free, it’s frighteningly compulsive and the Steam version ties into the web-version, so you can continue progress from one to the other.
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IGF Factor 2012: Realm of the Mad God

Not him. Not him again. Anyone but him.

Today in our ongoing series of chats with (almost) all the PC/Mac-based Independent Games Festival 2012 finalists, it’s my personal nemesis, the micro-MMO/twin-stick shooter Realm of the Mad God – nominated for the Technical Excellence prize. Here, Wild Shadow Studios chat about their and its origins and future, getting away from boring MMO combat, and the most important question of all.
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The Games of Christmas ’11: Day 15

Christmas is a time for giving. A time for giving every spare second of your time to a doomed quest for meaningless glory that no-one else will ever care about.

(Christmas is also a time for party-sized tubs of delicious savoury treats such as Mini Cheddars, Cheeselets and dry-roasted peanuts, but that’s another story).
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Lords of the Realm: The Mad God’s Makers

Oryx: does a lot of a charity work. Also, slaying adventurers in their thousands

Recently, a videogame almost destroyed my life, my mind and the possibility of my ever sleeping again. That game was free browser MMO/roguelike/twin-stick shooter Realm of the Mad God, and despite it being a malevolent presence that should be really eradicated from all existence in order to protect the innocent, it’s also fast on its way to being my favourite game of the year so far. (Yeah, I know it was released in 2010, but shut up you dreadful bore). Thus, it was only right that I tracked down its creators and demanded an explanation.

Here, Wild Shadow Studios’ Rob Shillingsburg talks about breaking MMOs’ rules, why they brought in microtransactions, how players have shaped the game – and his top four tips for surviving the Mad God’s realm.
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Ramblings Of The Mad God, Day 3: Patience

Stop coveting my precious stuff

Continuing a diary of attempts to best free indie MMO Realm of the Mad God

Day two? No, you must be mistaken. There was never any day two, and thus no need to write about it. And if you ever hear that there was a day two, or anything about how many heroes tragically met their end within mere minutes as a result of a reckless player trying to rush their way to the top as quickly as possible, you’ve heard wrong.

(Please don’t tell anyone what I did.)

Day two? No, no. This is day three, sunshine. A day of glittering achievement and untold adventure. This day, surely, will be a good day.

Today, I will not be weedy archer or a cowardly rogue or frail magician: I shall be a warrior. Strong and robust, built for survival. This is his song.
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