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Have You Played… Richard & Alice?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.

No, Richard & Alice [official site] is not some fan fiction about the time Richard Cobbett and Alice O’Connor fought spacecrime together, although now damn I wish it were. It is in fact a small, very lovely, very sad little adventure game.

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Location Location: Location Services

Location Services is the next game from Owl Cave, those behind the really excellent Richard & Alice. There’s reason to pay attention. Another is it’s a side-scrolling puzzler with security evasion. The next is it features anagrams. I love anagrams! Raves magnolia! A minor salvage! I normal savage! Am vagina loser?

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Richard & Alice Want To Tell You A Story

I’m very much looking forward to Richard & Alice. And that’s not because co-creator Lewis Denby has written for us in the past – I HATE HIM! It’s because it looks incredibly good. (I don’t really hate him.) Having played an early, short demo, I was entirely hooked by the adventure’s tale of a peculiar world, perhaps post-apocalyptic, and the friendship of two imprisoned people within it. (I do hate him, but don’t tell him.) You can get a taste for it too with the new trailer.

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Hands On: Richard & Alice

Oh noes, where's Barney?

Every argument I’ve seen defending why there’s no writing category for the IGFs looks damned stupid when you encounter an indie game that shines through its story. It was abundantly obvious that it was a mistake when we first saw To The Moon (just released on GOG), and it’s about to look like a stupid decision all over again when Richard & Alice is released. After a 45 minute preview version, I’m already sold on the writing, and already annoyed that those awards won’t recognise it.

Disclaimer: one of the co-creators, Lewis Denby, is an occasional contributor to RPS.

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