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A Case of Distrust is a noir tale with many inspirations

3. Shoot him dead

I was sitting at my desk stubbing my cigarette out on my ‘to do’ list when the call came in. “Godammit!” shouted the chief. “Where’s my Monday news post! Alice is off and there’s been nothing on the website for hours!” He was angry. I could tell from the context of the words I’ve just written. Angry as a big dog. I lit another cigarette using the heat of my CPU, cracked my fingers a full 360 degrees, and dived into my in-tray. I pulled out the first thing that didn’t feel wet. A game called A Case of Distrust. It was a detective game, described as a mash-up of 80 Days, Phoenix Wright, and the board game Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective. With inspiration from Raymond Chandler novels and the title sequences and poster art of Saul Bass. I spat out some lint. Then some more lint. Actually, my cigarette had fallen apart in my mouth, it was tobacco. I vomited. I continued my work. Did nobody tell the developer of this game they are only allowed to mix two things? How am I supposed to write my headline? I can’t write “This game is X meets Y” when there’s also a Z and a Þ and a ð? This is all too much for a Monday. Read the rest of this entry »