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Wot I Think: Blues and Bullets

Blues and Bullets is an episodic adventure game in the vein of Telltale’s Walking Dead series, and documents the Untouchables’ Eliot Ness alt-reality, post-retirement involvement in a spate of disappearances and murders which seem to involve his old nemesis Al Capone. The first instalment is out now.

Blues and Bullets is a fan of everything. In one scene, it’s preoccupied with grisly cultist murders which evoke True Detective’s Yellow King. Then there’s a bit about a retired Eliott Ness running a burger bar and discussing Blueberry Pie recipes. Then there’s a huge, preposterous gangster shootout which has more than a touch of Max Payne to it. Then it’s a visit to an impossibly decadent, alt-history Hindenberg that’s so heavily Bioshock-inspired that it’s even owned by an A. Ryan. Then it’s a sort of James Bond introduction sequence featuring a monochrome gunfight set amid giant typography. Then it’s an odd couple comedy. Then it’s the gruesome evidence-combing of LA Noire. There’s a monster, a giant submarine and a knife fight with a masked maniac in there too.

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Capone Arrest Simulator 2015: Blues And Bullets

In the ‘things I didn’t realise I kinda wanted’ category is Blues And Bullets [official site], a 3rd person shooter/investigation game told in a noir style starring Eliot Ness, the man who managed to arrest and prosecute Al Capone. It’s 20 years later and Eliot’s no longer a cop, but is dragged into investigating the disappearance of several children. The noir drops a little bit when the tommy guns come out and the shooting starts but at least artistically it stays true, with red the only spots of colour in white/black backgrounds. The release trailer for the first chapter has recently come out, along with the announcement you’ll be able to pick it up on Steam come July 23rd.

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