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A Light In Chorus Gets Cosmic New Direction

A Light In Chorus

A Light In Chorus [official site] was one of the first games I got excited about after joining RPS full-time. Development went quiet for a while and I kept wondering whether the game was still going to come into being. Now the team behind the dreamy point-cloud project have reworked the premise, secured some funding and the whole thing has very much pinged back onto the radar.

The new underpinnings of the game are inspired by the cosmic message-in-a-bottle aspects of the NASA Voyager program so I sent out a probe email of my own to investigate this new direction.

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A Light In Chorus: A Case In Points

Definitely not a patronus.

Spending just half a day at EGX meant a whistle-stop tour of Things Which Are Eyecatching And Pip You Have Destiny At Home GET OUT OF THAT QUEUE IMMEDIATELY. That’s how A Light In Chorus pinged back onto my radar, in the Leftfield Collection section curated by David Hayward.

A Light in Chorus is a point cloud exploration affair at present. Alas, enthusing about point clouds tends to net you a lot of blank looks from friends in the pub so the more accessible explanation is “the objects and landscape are made from clouds of little light particles – it’s like walking through a sculpture park made from fireflies”.

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