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EnvironMental: A New Beginning Demo

After Daedalic Entertainment's flawed but appealing The Whispered World, it seemed there was hope for translations from this developer. They even hired an established UK writer (Steve Ince) to redraft the script into English English, adding in new jokes to make it work in this location. From the demo of A New Beginning, no such thing has taken place, making what is already an extremely…

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New Screenshots For A New Beginning

There's an adventure in the works by Daedalic, they who brought us the very lovely, and almost good, The Whispered World. It's called A New Beginning, it's been in development for over two years, and at last there's some new screenshots of it.The "eco-thriller" plays as a classic point and click adventure, with what look to be gorgeous painted backgrounds, fighting to save the world…

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Daedalic: Navigating The Adventure Labyrinth

Germany really seems to be standing up for the point and click adventure. With varying results. At the shinier end is Deck13's Ankh, but more often by the time they're in our English-speaking hands the humour is completely lost by poor translations and localisation. Nevermind the crappy puzzle design that's currently endemic throughout the genre.So, is there hope on the horizon from German developers Daedalic…

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