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Nearly Brilliant: A Small Talk At The Back Of Beyond

As opposed to 'Making Small Talk At The Back Of Beyond,' wherein you survive the end of the world only to realize you have *nothing in common* with your AI partner. It's super awkward.

Oh how I want more games with highly versatile freeform text elements. I don’t just want to be able to talk to the monsters. I long to ponder gut-wrenching philosophical quandaries with the everything. As is, though, the herd’s pretty thin outside of, you know, text adventures. Which makes sense, but there’s still a huge gap that not even surprisingly interesting James Bond advergames can fill. The short version? Façade, for all its potential for immense silliness, was super neat. The shorter version? Again! Again! So I’m pleased as punch when experiments like A Small Talk At The Back Of Beyond pop up – even when they could still use a fair deal of work.

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