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No Landsharks Yet: Interstellar Marines Adds Co-op

In the early days of alphafunding, long before we settled on the term "early access", Zero Point Software came up with the loathsome "AAA Indie". In 2009 they started crowdfunding Interstellar Marines, a type of game impossible in AAA Dependent: an FPS about space marines. Oh, but I'm too cruel. After years of prototypes and milestones ranging from a shooting gallery to competitive multiplayer, Zero…

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A Stand Up Fight: Interstellar Marines

Hmm. Interstellar Marines is an indie-developed high-sheen FPS which is... well, I'm intrigued for a load of reasons. Partially because it looks novel (Talking about trying to do a realistic first-contact alien event) and partially because of its route to market. The short version - for more read the press coverage - is that in 2006 they used a high-end game engine to do a…

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