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Dragon Pass Meets Alpha Centauri: The Next World

Just released on Steam, The Next World’s [official site] store page description plants the game in the midst of mighty company.

TNW is a visual novel/strategy hybrid in the vein of The Banner Saga, King of Dragon Pass and Oregon Trail, with an emphasis on planning and decision-making over combat.

I’ve added another apparent inspiration in the headline. With a story from sci-fi author Ryan A Span, The Next World involves colony construction and resource management, as well as more personal decisions.

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Premature Evaluation: Frontiers

Pining for the big outdoors?

Each week Marsh Davies voyages into the uncharted territories of Early Access and comes back with any stories he finds and/or hypothermia. This week he packs his pickaxe and pith helmet, and sets out for Frontiers, an ambitious firstperson survival-RPG.

How much can I bench? I can bench an actual bench. I’m benching it right now, and maybe forever, not only because I can, but because I must: because I cannot put down this bench. I only wanted to see if I could balance it on the head of an NPC who was rudely ignoring me. I couldn’t. Nor could I put it anywhere ever again. This is how I live now – with a bench hovering just in front of me, occasionally spasming as I pass through doorways that are substantially smaller than it, clipping into the faces of people as I try to buy sausages from them. I really regret picking up this bench.

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Elder Scrolls-Like Frontiers Still Looks Great, But Delayed

No one tell that cliff it's not a tidal wave. You'll only make it sad.

Frontiers is set to be massive. Primary creator and one-man wunderkind Lars Simkins’ goal is to construct a gigantic, fully open world that looks sort of like The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind from the right angles. The focus is on exploration, but what you end up doing – whether it’s engaging in the main quest or becoming a literal crocodile hunter – is completely up to you. And now there are also hang gliders! An open fantasy world with real verticality? If it’s an interesting world, count me in.

Last year Frontiers hauled in $157,381 on Kickstarter, but – despite a previously planned 2014 release date – Simkins and co have decided not to rush. It’ll be done “when it’s done,” which is a frightening thing to hear with KS games, but this one does look to be making steady progress despite a number of lapsed deadlines. Videos below.

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The Younger Scrolls: Morblivion – Frontiers

I wanna go there and there and there and there and there and there and

I am constantly impressed by indie productions that honestly have no business being indie. You know, things of such scope and ambition that they make many triple-A behemoths look like whimpering, glitz-and-glamour-drowned mice. But they also worry me. I look at them and say, “Oh wow, that’s being built from the ground-up by a two-person team? Goodness. There is no way.” Often, the results end up being mixed bags of wonderful intentions and rocky realities. Cases in point: Miasmata, 3079, Anna, etc, etc, etc. It’s with a similar combo of stomach butterflies and stomach acid that I approach Frontiers. It looks like a more laid-back, exploration-and-survival-focused Morrowind, but can a small team really give something so massive the meticulous care it deserves? Fingers crossed. Trailer after the break.

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