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Out Of This World Scares: Abducted


I don’t know about you, but I’m in no hurry to be abducted by aliens. I mean, I’m fascinated by the concept of meeting extraterrestrial life, but great scientific discoveries rarely come through moderately detailed surveys and a tray of complimentary sugar cookies. Things have to get poked, prodded, and taken apart. As someone who likes all his things right where they are (thank you very much), I’d rather not have that frightening fate befall me. It’s a dread-soaked sentiment that’s slithered through the vents of other media’s pulpier corners, but not so much games. Yeah, abduction happens in stuff like Prey and (sorta) Quake IV, but it’s usually just a glowing green excuse to shoot aliens – not an up-close-and-waaay-too-personal study of fear, confusion, and helplessness. I’m happy, then, that it sounds like Abducted will at least try to explore those otherworldly mainstays, though I’ll probably avoid having any large meals before playing it.

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