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The Repopulation is about to get repopulated

Have I ever told you about The Repopulation? *you shake your head, gently, afraid*  The Repopulation [official site] was a science fiction MMO that always smiled. Back in the halcyon days of 2013 it was even considered handsome, rugged, intriguing. It appealed to all those searching for a new Star Wars Galaxies, along with offering en vogue base-building and player-run factions. It swanned into the spotlight, promising a return to the “social aspects” and grand scale of older MMOs like Ultima Online. *Puts on gloves*  But after just one year in early access it began to decay. The two developers – Idea Fabrik and Above and Beyond – had a disagreement over royalties, you see. The servers were shut down, leaving its players out in the cold. And ever since, The Repopulation has been lying in its sarcophagus, quiet, peaceful, and mummified.

Until now.
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The Repopulation On Hold, Fragmented Announced

Our Jim kept half an eye on sci-fi sandbox MMORPG The Repopulation [official site], intrigued by players building bases and cities, before he slinked out of RPS and into the woods. We still find wicker rocket launchers hanging from trees so we know he’s safe, but wouldn’t it be nice to see him again? Maybe we can lure him out.

Jim, The Repopulation is in trouble. (Is that the rustling of leaves I hear?) But its developers do have a plan. (Is that the yelp of a man who’s snagged his untamed beard on a branch?) They’re porting it to Unreal Engine, but starting small with a stripped-down spin-off survival game as a base. (Oh, is that a sigh?)

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The Repopulation Still Not Quite Ready For Populating

No, sci-fi sandbox MMO The Repopulation is not out yet, it’s still in its alpha stage of development – which you can apply for here – but it has released a video with a bunch more game footage, which you can see below. We’ve been keeping an eye on this game for a while now, not least because it promises some freeform MMORPGing. The tri-faction PvP structure allows players to join a third faction which they can use to form “rogue nations”, complete with player built structures, and even player-owned cities. I will be fascinated to see how (and if) this works out.

Anyway, take a look at the trailer because the game is starting to look pretty handsome.
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Will We Populate The Repopulation?

The name suggests it should be a game about... y'know *repopulating*?
Above and Beyond Technologies have announced the existence of a new MMO, dubbed The Repopulation. It’s powered by off-the-shelf MMO system Hero Engine and is described by its creators like this: “You begin your adventure as a second generation clone colonist on the planet of Rhyldan, with mankind on the verge of extinction, and in the midst of a civil war. We’ve taken a fresh look at every feature of the Massive Multiplayer genre, with an eye on revolution, rather than evolution. The end result is a unique feature set aimed towards old school fans and new players alike.” Hmm! So what sort of unique features? Well, “Hybrid approach which blends Sandbox and Theme Park mechanics.” That sounds promisingish. “City building system allows Nations to form their own cities complete with Walls, Turrets, Harveters, Workshops, Houses, and other forms of structures geared towards benefiting the owning character, or the City as a whole.” More interesting! “Be rewarded for your travel through the exploration system.” That’s interesting, too.

“Pre-alpha” video, below. It certainly looks like a sci-fi MMO.
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