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I played Morels: The Hunt with a mycologist, who also happens to be my father

I have never met a person who loves mushrooms as much as my dad. It is, in fact, rare to meet anyone who loves anything as much as my dad loves mushrooms. Therefore, after some time playing and enjoying mushroom gathering adventure Morels: The Hunt myself, I invited him to come and play with me.As we were waiting for an update to download, I realised…

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Morels: The Hunt ventures into the woods to bag a shroomy dinner

The deadliest prey is not bear, nor boar, nor even bloke; it's mushroom. Lurking in the leaf litter, the wrong fungus can lure you in with fairytale fanciness then kill you stone dead. Let's salute the true brave hunters, the people heading into the virtual woods to face down mushrooms in Morels: The Hunt. Released today, it resembles your traditional hunting games like theHunter in…

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Morels: The Hunt looks like a regular hunting game, but bagging mushrooms not moose

In my descent into self-parody, I've often wished that all these beautiful hunting games didn't have any hunting. Just let me wander through woods, admire deer from afar, ride a quad bike, wear a head lamp, take some photos, then turn home without shooting anything through its face or heart. It seems my prayers are finally being answered by a hunting game which will even…

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