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Hard Graphed: Fifa Manager 12 Demo

Oh God, oh God, make it stop.

Rock Paper Shotgun has recently received a number of complaints about our foot-to-ball coverage. Upset readers have claimed that we do not take Britain’s most popular sport at all seriously, instead reporting on any of the extremely popular games related to the pursuit with tired running gags, false ignorance and undeserved disdain. It has been pointed out to us that a great many of RPS’s readers are likely not only foot-to-ball fans, but fans of foot-to-ball gaming, and in our incessant use of stupid jokes and degrading remarks, we are alienating these readers from the site, and failing in our duty to provide accurate, engaging coverage of a large element of PC gaming.

But then they’re foot-to-ball fans, aren’t they? That’s just the sort of thing they would say. The idiots. Meanwhile, there’s a demo out for EA’s FIFA Manager 12.

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