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Good Points: Achievement Unlocked 2

Could we not start games with 1000 points and then lose them as we prove our incompetence?

Now this is a wonderful way to start a day! This, and a mug of steamy tea. Bliss. Everyone’s favourite elephant in the (series of) room(s) is back! To pick up where our coverage of the original left off, the best approach to writing about it is to write as little as possible, so I’ve stowed some thoughts and a video after the jump. For now, go play.
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Achievement Unlocked

Stop whatever else you’re doing and play this fabulous wee thing right away. Just as we’re all wishing there was another You Have To Burn The Rope, along comes this delightful bite-size contender. As with YHBTR, the best approach to writing about it is to not write much about it, because explaining the joke only diminishes it. All you need to know is that you will laugh. And laugh. And laugh some more. Then become so obsessed with unlocking everything that you forget to laugh. Then someone will call it stupid, or say that Simpsons game already made the same joke, or whine that everything’s too meta these days, and we’ll all feel a bit sadder. Then we’ll look at that list on the right of its interface and laugh again.
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