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Freeware Garden: The Midnight Station

The mythical tax return; it never really existed.

I hadn’t really noticed this until now, but the ZX Spectrum had the ability to make everything look a bit spooky. I’m convinced that this colour-clash was the initial inspiration for the whole glitch movement, though you’d be better off ignoring me and just downloading The Midnight Station. You’ll see what I mean.

The Midnight Station, a post-Speccy Jam offering sporting a distinctively ’80s palette, is a weird game both in the way it looks and the way it plays. It’s an interdimensional action-RPG with horror elements, in which you play as a sentient mask forged from humankind’s collective soul following the obligatory and probably unavoidable apocalypse.

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Hera Worship: Apotheon Is The Prettiest Of Pretties

Click for huge pretties
Alientrap’s new platform game, Apotheon, is pretty. A 2D platform action-RPG set in Greek mythology, where you’ll fight your way to the top of Mount Olympus. It’s the age old tale of a champion fighting for humanity against the wife and usurper of Zeus, Hera. We’ve all been there, battling Greek gods, stealing their powers, controlling the elements. I was doing just so last night, cleverly disguised as eating pork dumplings and prawn crackers while slumped in bed rewatching Doctor Who. If you squinted, you’d have seen the truth.
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Waffle: My Distracted Gaming Mind

My brainium, unoccupied.

I’m not someone who can do one thing at a time. If I’m not doing multiple tasks I cannot concentrate, and get quickly distracted from anything I should be attempting. Writing this requires the distractions of a train journey, music, and text message conversations. One game at a time is rarely enough for me. Begin your diagnoses.

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Crate News! Grim Dawn Reveals Combat

This really is the best screenshot they have. Come along guys.

I think Titan Quest is one of the most underrated action RPGs (as we all now so politely call Diablo clones), so it’s with a happy face that I see new news of the team’s new game, Grim Dawn. From Crate Entertainment – the company formed by many of the former Iron Lore gang – comes some pre-alpha footage, as spotted by PCG. You can watch it below.

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