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Little Red Lie Is Next Game From Actual Sunlight Creator

Little Red Lie [official site] is a game inspired by the “growing gap in wealth and stability between the baby boomers and their descendants” and is the latest project from Actual Sunlight creator Will O’Neill. Much like O’Neill’s previous work, Little Red Lie looks to explore the human condition and how we fare as human beings in trying times and compromising situations. Taking a similar interactive story approach to Actual Sunlight, the game follows two characters at opposite ends of the wealth spectrum examining their overlapping relationship. Read on for details and a trailer:

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Tough Times: Actual Sunlight 3D

I was uncomfortable about posting Actual Sunlight back in February, and I’m just as uncomfortable about it now, now there’s a free 3D version of it. It’s a game about depression and suicide. A morbid, tragic, and ultimately hopeless game. And that’s why it scares me. Because the game’s honesty about those feelings perpetuates a greater lie. Because there is always hope. There is always a better solution than suicide. I’ve seen friends go from terrifying suicide attempts to beautiful lives where they transform the hope of others. I live with a relatively minor anxiety depression that once controlled me, but now I control it. So sharing Actual Sunlight terrifies me. And yet I believe its brutal honesty about depression is something important, something that doesn’t dismiss the overwhelming cruelty of the condition as “feeling a bit down”. I think that matters.

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Thoughts On: Actual Sunlight

Actual Sunlight is a game about suicide. Primarily a visual novel, but with player participation, it’s a superbly written, but ultimately incredibly dark and hopeless game. I think it’s also a very good game, and I find it terrifying to write about. As such, at the bottom of this post there are links to phone numbers for every country’s suicide prevention helplines. It’s a bleak to play, so please feel forewarned.

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