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Documentaryised: The Dream Game 13 Years In The Making

You have to throw rocks at this boss, see.

Like many, I tried making a game as soon as I discovered that was even a possibility. I dreamed of selling an epic Quake campaign set in a real city with real guns and buildings you could fully explore. I made a level which refused to compile and wrote a little QuakeC that’d crash Quake any time I fired a gun. While I’ve finished game things since, I never returned to any youthful dreams.

Adam Butcher never gave up on his dream game. After 13 years of development, he’s finally released Tobias and the Dark Sceptres, a freeware game created in the old Multimedia Fusion game maker tool. You should, at the very least, come watch the charming video he’s made about a pre-‘indie’ indie community and why a 2D platformer took him 13 years to finish.

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