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C.H.A.I.N. stitches 20 games into one horrific free collection

Halloween's over. The pumpkins are packed away, the witches hats back in the wardrobe, but that doesn't mean the scares should end, right? This weekend, the indie spooksters working under the Haunted PS1 movement released their latest compilation, C.H.A.I.N. - a compilation of 20 wildly varied haunt 'em ups from over 20 developers, Frankenstein'd together for free into a single winding narrative anthology.

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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Paper cars, messy lives, spiders and the great outdoors

Screenshot Saturday Sundays! It might be a weekend for eggs, sun, and supernatural resurrection, but that's not stopped those dang game developers from pushing more fabulous visuals for us to peruse. This week: Unconventional driving, a crowded kitchen, the terrifying vastness of open wilderness, and spiders.

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No Players Online offers free spooks on the empty servers of a dead multiplayer game

A shortcut for long-gone mech shooter Hawken sits on my desktop. It's not the real deal, of course. Hawken went offline early last year. What I have, stitched together from salvaged code and networking wizardry, is an abomination. A corpse of a game forced back into life by players who can't let it go. It'll never be alive, but that's not going to stop us…

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