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Burnout Crash Mode: The Game – Truck Stop

I would be remiss if I didn’t begin this post by pointing out that Truck Stop‘s opening pitch is a bit disingenuous. “From one of the creators of the Burnout series of games,” its Steam Greenlight page proudly declares. Makes it sound like someone pretty high up on the chain, right? Not so much. Adam Sawkins is listed as an audio programmer for Burnout 2 and a programmer for Burnout 3. Good experience? Absolutely. But it’s doubtful that he “created” the series. More recently, he garnered some complicated controversy over Xbox indie builder FortressCraft. Truck Stop is, however, something I’ve really wanted to see realized as a full, fleshed-out game for quite some time now: Burnout 3’s Crash Mode. It’s, um, a bit shameless about its inspiration too, but I suppose that’s better than pretending to be something it’s not. Reduce the break to smoking metal and smithereens for a trailer and details.

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